Leap Like A Lunatic

dI know I am always saying I never have enough time – and I hear my friends lament about the same thing. But this year we get an entire extra day! Tomorrow, February 29, only happens every four years and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste a minute of it. OK, so maybe I’ll get up extra early and write in my blog. Or maybe I’ll go to yoga and get some extra exercise. Maybe I’ll take in a movie and lunch with my husband. Or I could just get caught up on all that desk work. And I have to run those errands and make those calls and pay those bills. But wait. These are just things I have to do any old day. Shouldn’t I do something special on this “extra” day? How many times have I said, “If only I had extra time?” How would I answer that question?

It’s like getting a “snow” day and not having to go to work or school. What would I do with an entire day I didn’t know I had? Imagine how wonderful that would be. Of course, tomorrow is already planned out, but really, I could make any day an “extra” day in my life. I could plan now for say, the 17th of March, Saturday, or Wednesday, April 25, to be my extra day. A day where I schedule NOTHING with my family or friends or customers or fellow school volunteers.  Where I tell everyone I am not available. Where I announce to the world that I am already booked on that day. I create a plan to spend it with myself. Maybe drive into the city or drive over to the beach. But I spend it with only me and I do only things I want to do. It sounds crazy, maybe even a little extravagant. But if I plan for it, if I give myself permission to be this decadent, then I could have my “leap” day anytime I wanted. I could incorporate a leap day into every year if I chose to. I could take care of me and only me for an entire day.

I have a poster hanging outside my office that says, “Leap like a lunatic over the chasm below, erupting as you go, your true self awaits you, now you will know.” Who says I have to wait every four years for leap year? I’m ready to leap like a lunatic and create my own Leap Day. When will your next leap day be?