Advice From A Yogi

160_F_16238771_t2nAmqQH3nX8ZY17yzaTR1qm629naAQJI wrote this poem after my yoga class last night with one of my favorite teachers, Michaela.

Advice From A Yogi

What comes up, let it out
The yogi softly shared;
What you don’t want leave behind
Can you? Would you dare?

When anger rises in your heart
Let go and watch it fade;
When fear appears and stops you cold
Face it down – don’t let it invade.

Asking questions gives us answers
Answers give us action;
That is where the growth begins
From there we get the traction.

To propel us toward a life of love
Of hope and honesty;
What comes up must come out
My yogi friend assured me.

What comes up must come out
What does it mean?
My body stretches, my mind opens
It’s then I start to lean.

Into the love, the open space
That place filled with light;
I’m letting out what came up
And now I end the fight.