How Yoga Has Changed My Life

Margaret's Pics (103)After my Mom’s yearlong illness and death in 2007, I began a journey of retrospection and self discovery. Realizing the preciousness of life and the delicacy of love, I searched for balance by simplifying my work, my life, and my relationships.  It was time to take my yoga practice of five years to the next level.

I knew that it was through yoga that I could find a safe place to practice both being grateful and staying in the present. It was through yoga that I could experience balance, peace, and solace while exercising my body and taking care of me.

So I set an intention to get on my mat daily, and I joined my sister and five other incredible women for a week-long Yoga and Hiking Retreat with Big Sky Yoga Retreats out of Bozeman, Montana. With yoga starting our day and ending our days, and 5-6 hour hikes in between, I was able to experience breathtakingly beautiful examples of nature including elk, moose, deer, fuzzy rabbits, and the first winter snowfall.

Even now, after returning from that spectacular place, I can imagine being in Montana while visiting my mat. My yoga practice has allowed me to go to a place where I can be still, content, and filled with peace. I may have lost my Mom, but I found a new way of living – through yoga – and my life has been changed forever.

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