I Believe in a Happy New Year

160_F_90408863_arDeMJTSp9Is9VHUpIj4rGczu5BVnliDOn this New Year’s Eve I am announcing my theme, my resolution so-to-speak, for the upcoming new year. It is “I Believe” – and I intend to use this theme to explore, experience, and enjoy all that the new year has to offer.

I believe that we can make a difference in our lives by taking charge of our health, taking care of ourselves, and by taking responsibility for ourselves. I believe that we can have a life full of passion, power and purpose. I believe that I can have my best life, my dream life – and I believe the first step is to become clear about what we believe and then send it out to the world. What do you believe for the upcoming year? What is your theme for 2013?

I believe that I am a creative and thoughtful musician and writer.  I believe in being part of a conversation about self care and taking charge of our health. I believe that with a positive attitude, a lot of discipline, and the courage to speak one’s truth we can choose the life we want.

What do you believe? What does your best life look like? Dream it. Speak it. Then let it guide you on this journey towards your best life. And together we will celebrate our victories on this day next year.

Believe in a Happy New Year!