Om Cycle? What’s That?

omcycleI started a new exercise class at my favorite yoga studio. It’s a combination of spin cycling and yoga. How can that be, you ask?

So did I.

Om Cycle is an inspirational mind/body experience designed to unlock your highest potential. Our instructors are committed to direct the class in a motivating upbeat manner to encourage you to ride through your challenges. Class is taught in dark ambient lighting with high energy music from all genres. Cyclists from novice to experienced will enjoy this invigorating experience,” says The Yoga Company about this new class now being offered in its Castro Valley, California location.

I’ve been practicing at The Yoga Company for over five years and have come to trust the owners and admire their commitment to their customers and fellow yogis. Gloria Capron, co-owner with Audrey Allen, understands that women in their 50’s and over need a balance of yoga and aerobic exercise to maintain their health and stave off age-related issues such as osteoporosis and heart attacks. She and Audrey have introduced new classes such as Barre Fusion and Om Cycle just for that reason.

I didn’t know what to expect from my first Om Cycle class. How would I keep cycling for 40 minutes straight and then do another 30 minutes of yoga? I love yoga because it challenges both my body and mind with difficult asanas such as crow or reclining hero pose. But those poses are done on the mat, not on a bicycle. And my mat doesn’t move or demand me to keep pedaling. This would be a different type of challenge – one I wasn’t sure I was ready for.

“Yoga is much more than a physical exercise.  Yoga involves honing and evolving your physical, mental and emotional energies so that you can live a more balanced and peaceful life,” The Yoga Company says of its yoga classes.

“Cycling, on the other hand, is 40-50 minutes of pure cycling.” I thought to myself. How can I endure that when I don’t ride a bike that much? Yes, you could stop pedaling if you need to, but the the whole idea is the get your heart rate up, bring it down , and do that again and again. That’s the reason I wanted to do this class, right?

So I tried it.

My major accomplishment in the first class was not to leave the room. I stayed on the bike and kept my legs going round and round like the wheels on the bus, slowly, but I did it. The second class I did more than that. I started singing to the great music and even stood up while riding, at least once or twice. It was quite difficult and despite my belief that I was in good shape, I found muscles I had not known existed and felt them for quite some time the following day.

I’m ready for my next class.  My goal is to stay in the room. Stay on the bike. Sing to the music. And maybe even turn that little knob once or twice to increase resistance. Just like the mat, the cycle teaches me to challenge myself and go just a little farther that I thought I could.

What is OM Cycle? One more tool I can use to take care of this precious body I have been given. And who knows, I just may come to love it as much as I do yoga.

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