Take Action About Your Health

160_F_90586075_lU1Gpqbsi87InMvOA9jf7qkYkTsRpVpRDid I mention that I have been depressed on and off over the past few years? Did I mention that since menopause I had low energy, gained weight, been more moody (than normal), had low libido, and just have not felt myself? Is it menopause? Is it the stress of taking care of elderly parents? Is it just old age and I have to live with this? Please, someone tell me that is NOT the case?

Since bringing my parents from Ohio to California and caring for them for 7 years, my stress level was off the charts. Late night calls and trips to the emergency room, multiple doctor appointments, conflicts with family commitments vs. caretaking commitments. I gained weight, slept less, and yelled a lot more. One day my husband had enough and yelled back – you need HELP! So I took action.  When my dad died last March (my Mom died three years earlier) I knew it was time. I began to be more consistent with my exercise routine, reached out more to my life coach, therapist, and friends, said “No” to many opportunities that really didn’t support my need to get healthy, and found a new doctor who was trained to get my hormones back in balance.

Through blood tests she discovered my adrenal glands were no longer working that well. This is common evidently with women my age who have experienced trauma and excessive amounts of stress.  She prescribed higher amounts of calcium, Vitamin D and the hormone DHEA. She also had a local pharmacy which compounds hormones specific to each patient using blood test results create a cream to balance my testosterone. It sounds strange but we women need testosterone, too, just not as much as men. And when our adrenal glands stop making it we can become moody, tired, depressed, gain weight and be less interested in sex. This described me to a tee before I started working with my new doctor.

Now, after 5 months of balancing my hormones, exercising, and reducing my stress levels I am a changed woman. I have my energy back, I feel like doing all the things I’ve been putting on the back burner, and my husband and I, well, let’s just say, he’s very glad I took action about my health. You will be, too.