The Invitation



My dear friend Christine invited me to join her monthly writing group after I moved to Arizona close to where Christine and her husband moved nine years ago. After my first meeting with this insightful group of writers, I knew I had to write about THEM and what their small group had done for me. Need support in getting back to your writing? Find or create a group of supportive writers and set your muse free.

The Invitation

She said that I could join her friends
And they would welcome me into their fold;
She said I should try it out
Just come, read what you wrote, be bold.

I trusted her so come I did
To the place these women gather;
And I was welcomed as she said
And given a gift that mattered.

It wasn’t just the invitation
The chance to share my story;
It was openness, authenticity, pure acceptance
In all its finest glory.

These are women I want to know
For their families they are “truth telling”;
Stories raw with vulnerability leaving
Tearful eyes sometimes swelling.

The invitation turned into gold
What I saw in these women was ME;
We just want to tell our life stories
Of the joys, the sorrows, the entire journey.

This invitation was such a gift
No more writer’s block for me;
I found acceptance and so much support
My muse has been set free.