image 20-5-2008

Top 100 List (of ways to Love Myself):

On days that I feel blue things can seem pretty dark even with the bright Arizona sun shining in my windows. Depression usually gives me no warning, but I am getting much better with how I deal with it. I call it my Top 100 List.

A dear friend and Life Coach Reggie Adams recommended this years ago and I’ve been building on it ever since. It’s a list of things I can do to love and pamper myself. I think she meant for me to look at this list before depression hits, but it doesn’t always work that way. Here are some examples from my list, but everyone is different. My list is still a work in progress. Make your own list to remind you of how lovable you are and start pampering yourself. You deserve it.

    1. Buy Yourself Flowers
    2. Do Yoga (even if you only have time for 10 minutes of sun salutations)
    3. Eat a Healthy Snack (make it pretty and sit down to enjoy it)
    4. Read a Book (curled up on the couch in your fuzzy red socks)
    5. Scrapbook (enjoy your photos)
    6. Write a Letter (maybe even to yourself) then mail it
    7. Sing Loud and Proud in the Shower or Car
    8. Take a Long Hot Bath
    9. Get a manicure/pedicure
    10. Go for a walk
    11. Meditate
    12. Eat dinner/lunch/breakfast with your good china
    13. Go swimming and get your hair wet
    14. Go for coffee with a friend
    15. Call a friend
    16. Take yourself out to lunch
    17. Go to lunch with a friend
    18. Go shopping
    19. Watch a favorite TV show by yourself
    20. Listen to Your favorite Playlist
    21. Write in your favorite journal
    22. Watch a Movie or go to a movie by yourself
    23. Go to a beach
    24. Get a facial or give yourself one
    25. Write a poem
    26. Read Poetry
    27. Hula-hoop
    28. Dance like nobody’s watching
    29. Attend a Retreat
    30. Get outside and get some fresh air
    31. Cut pictures from magazine and make a collage
    32. Paint/draw a picture – get crayons out and have fun
    33. Go to a gallery and enjoy art
    34. Buy some bubbles and blow to your heart’s content
    35. Take a nap
    36. Make a list of all you are grateful for
    37. Explore a museum virtually at
    38. Look at your wedding/baby/school album
    39. Update your screen saver with current photos so you can see them more often
    40. Cook a comfort meal like pot roast in the crock pot or bake some chocolate chip cookies
    41. Attend a church service
    42. Buy a new plant for your favorite space in your home
    43. Add lemon to your water and drink it from a crystal glass
    44. Play your favorite childhood card game
    45. Read a favorite blog or find one you like
    46. Make a cup of tea and enjoy it in your favorite cup
    47. People Watch from your porch or on Main Street USA
    48. Watch a TED Talk
    49. Watch old home videos
    50. Volunteer at a local shelter or Hospice
    51. Go to the Library
    52. Put together a puzzle
    53. Rearrange your furniture
    54. Diffuse your favorite essential oil
    55. Put your favorite essential on your wrists or the back of your neck or just breathe it in
    56. Doodle
    57. Listen to the birds
    58. Walk a labyrinth
    59. Make SoulCollage cards
    60. Read SoulCollage cards
    61. Write yourself a permission slip to do something you want or be something you desire or to not do something you don’t want to do
    62. Put on your favorite lipstick

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