The Choice For Love

I realized early in my self care journey that I can choose to use fear as a tool, rather than allow it to paralyze me into non-action. I can often see it as a sign that growth is around the corner, that a new opportunity exists, that where there is fear, there can be love. I don’t always choose love – I’m getting better at it all the time – but when I do, it is like “soaring to the heavens.”

I think this gorgeous poem speaks to this quite eloquently. Enjoy.

The Choice For Love – From Emmanuel’s Book II, compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton

What does the voice of fear
whisper to you?

Fear speaks to you
in logic and reason.
It assumes the language
of love itself.

Fear tells you
“I want to make you safe.”
Love says,
“You are safe.”

Fear says,
“Give me symbols.
Give me frozen images.
Give me something
I can rely on.”

Loving truth says,
“Only give me
this moment.”

Fear would walk you
On a narrow path
promising to take you
where you want to go.

Love says,
“Open your arms
and fly with me.”

Every moment of your life
you are offered the opportunity
to choose –
love or fear,
to tread the earth
or to soar the heavens.

Let’s choose to soar the heavens. Let’s choose love over fear.

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