Believe/Practice/Choose - The Gift of Self Care: 21 Tips for Your Self Care Tool Belt

Believe Practice Choose

Are you exhausted from taking care of an elderly parent or sick family member? Do you need to recharge and reclaim your life? Do you need reminders to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others? Author Carole MacLean has been in those shoes and found a way out. Her personal experience caring for her parents during the end of their lives and as a hospice patient advocate motivated her to share these quick tips and self care tools for taking back your life. Do you feel depleted from your job, parenting, or just from getting older? If so, this book is for you - and anyone who is ready to believe in, practice, and choose their personal self care journey.

What readers are saying about Believe, Practice, Choose - the Gift of Self Care:

"This book is that little voice telling you everything is going to be okay, relax, breathe. Even when you don't believe that's possible, especially then."-Joni Zander, Road Guide and Creator at TheGalavan

"I got the book in the mail yesterday and immediately sat down with it. It is so beautiful and so well written. The author writes with compassion and the desire to improve the lives of others. I could not limit myself to one tip a day, but I also saved some to enjoy later. Sort of like getting a box of chocolates."- Emily D., California

"After reading Believe, Practice, Choose, I ordered one last night for my cousin and another one today for my daughter in law. Everybody needs this book!" - Sue S., Texas

"Right after I finished Believe, Practice, Choose - the Gift of Self Care, I sent it to my sister. I enjoyed hearing the author's personal anecdotes and I loved the quotes included throughout. Then I went on one of the websites mentioned in the book and took my first online yoga class. I was motivated!" - Julie M., North Carolina

"I love reading the inspirational pages and practices in Believe, Practice, Choose the Gift of Self Care. I don't go in page order, trusting that the page I open to will be just the one that resonates." - Christine M., Arizona

Carole MacLean

Carole MacLean left the corporate world of banking to raise her daughter and open a direct sales business. She moved her aging parents from Ohio to California to help them through cancer, Alzheimer’s, and the maze of the medical world. Her support of her parents through the end of their lives, and later her volunteer work as a hospice advocate, led her to write the book "Believe, Practice, Choose the Gift of Self Care." She has been published in local anthologies through the Tri-Valley Writers Club in Pleasanton, California, and is a regular contributor of The Community Book Project with Donna Kozik. Ms. MacLean lives in Oregon. She volunteers for her local hospice, sings with the Threshold Choir, conducts women’s retreats, and blogs about self care at