Create Your Space

With closet door open, time for meditation and yoga

The December 2012 edition of Yoga Journal gave me the wonderful idea to create a “space for gratitude and inspiration with a beautiful home alter that celebrates the loves of your life and the qualities you want to embrace in yourself.

So that is exactly what I did. I created a space for reflection.

Making my new year’s resolutions and creating my theme for 2013 (12/31/12 post), I realized I needed a special place where I can center myself, be calm, feel safe – and get on my yoga mat every day.  My writer friends have special places where they write. I needed a special place to find the courage to do the writing, to feel the motivation to make the music, to hear myself sing loud and sing proud, “I Believe.” I needed a place to reflect.

One person in the article created her space on the floor of her bedroom, another guy used the inside of a fireplace. I chose the inside of my closet in my office where I can open and close the space as needed. It took a little consolidating and some pre-spring cleaning, but I managed to make a space I now call home to my meditation, source of creativity, heart center and reflection.

With closet door closed, time for work.