Make Time to Save Time


photo by Nathan Dumlao

Today most people in the U.S. set their clocks back an hour to end Daylight Savings Time (DST), except in Arizona and Hawaii.  So, most of the country “gained” an hour. It’s rather a crazy idea in my opinion (you’re only gaining the hour you lost in the spring), but it can be a great opportunity to reevaluate your relationship with time. I may not observe DST because I live in Arizona, but I do observe, and am constantly looking for ways to make time to save time – another important step in my own self care journey.

Just how well do you manage your time? Do you say yes too often when really, you should say no? Do you volunteer for projects because they sound fun or you feel obligated BEFORE going to your calendar and asking, “Do I really have time for this?”

When you say yes to a request to attend an event, to organize the next school fundraiser, or even just to get together with a friend, do you actually look at your calendar, think about your priorities AND determine when you would do that?

According to Weight Watchers, people who manage their time well are happier, less stressed, and overall healthier in mind and body. We can’t go to the store and buy more time, but we can be more efficient in how we use the time we have. And when we do that, it is like giving ourselves the gift of more time. I love these ideas from a recent Weight Watchers Weekly Handout for making time to save time:

1) Plan and prep your meals for the next day.
2) Squeeze in activity by standing up and doing squats or marching in place while you tap away on your laptop or tablet.
3) Stock up on greeting cards so you don’t have to make a separate trip to the store every time someone has a birthday or life event.
4) Double up on dinner prep so you can pack leftovers for lunch the next day.
5) Plot your around-town errands on a map – and then tackle each task in sequence on your walk or drive. No more running back and forth across town, and belatedly remembering something else to do.
6) Double up on socializing: Invite your partner along on your regular walk, go to the supermarket with your best friend to get in both your grocery shopping and a good conversation, or hold a meeting with your school volunteer committee on the playground while kids are playing.
7) Check the week’s weather on Sunday, then pick outfits for each day of the week ahead of time (activity clothes, too)!
8) Set a timer before hopping online to shop or catch up on emails or social media. When the timer goes off, shut down.
9) Put regular purchases (think paper towels, kitty litter, pet food, toothpaste, prescriptions) on auto-refill at sites such as or Try online grocery shopping, for pick-up or delivery, too.
10) Plan to plan – schedule time in your calendar to plan your week, your meals, your wardrobe – just 15-20 minutes each Sunday afternoon – actually write it on the calendar. Then guard that time like it was the most important thing you had to do all week.

You deserve to have a life that is less stressed, full of things you love doing and where you feel happier, healthier and whole. Incorporate just one of these time saving new habits this week and see how it goes. You just might find that getting more time to do the things you want to do in life, doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

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